17 September 2011

Bead Soup Reveal!!

I got paired with the lovely Nancy from SnazzyDoodleDesigns which I was very pleased about as she makes her own lampwork and enamel beads...two things that I would dearly love to learn how to do! 

Considering my swap partner was in the USA and I'm in the UK, my goodies arrived very quickly!! 
I was delighted with my soup, especially the colours and the fabulous focals that Nancy made herself and the set of lampwork beads too. 

I managed to make 3 pieces with my soup but still have 2 of the three fabulous enamel beads that will be going into my personal stash of beads. 
The first piece is a necklace that I combined with Lorelei's Shadowbox Challenge in my previous post. 
I used Nancy's lampwork and the smaller enamel bead for this piece combined with a lot of the accent beads she sent me.  I paired it with sari ribbon and silver metal. 

14 September 2011

Lovely Goodies!!

Treated myself to some Kristi Bowman @ Dreamsome components last week. I have been drooling for far too long!!

Now what to make with them!!  I'm saving the paisleys for a Christmas present for a family member but the others shall be made into earrings for my shop.

I'm seeing purples and lilacs, maybe some spicy colours...not sure yet.  Am just about to make some ear wires for them and I'll see where I go from there.