29 July 2012

Very Thankful

I've had a busy time these last few weeks getting ready for a craft show. I've not had much time for anything besides making beads, making jewellery...fitting in my uni essay etc. So housework and family have had to take a back seat. Now the fair is over (very much enjoyed my first one!) I look around and my house is such a mess!!  That will be remedied this week! I'm going to try and spend some more time with my wonderful daughter and my very patient man!

This time last year I was not long out of a very bad relationship which damaged my confidence quite a lot, I was lacking direction, didn't have an ambition for the future, was a bit skint, no car, and just generally floating along not knowing what to do with myself.  Getting out of that relationship was the best thing I ever did.  I hold no ill will towards him, I believe things happen for a reason and maybe that happened to show me my worth.

I won't stick around and let anyone treat me badly again. That was my lesson.