20 November 2012

Cyber Week Sale!

Members of Artisan Whimsy are joining together to have a cyber week sale with Over $1300 in giveaways...45 winners and a whole week to get entered and shop for great Artisan Jewelry & a great discount!! 

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I'm also having a giveaway! You can win $25 to spend in my shop on beads and components simply by commenting on this blog.  Winners will be drawn at random on 1st December!

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I have lots of new ceramic sets up as of yesterday!

New nugget shaped beads!

Bracelet cuff in teal and olive!

Red paisley toggle clasp

Paisley Pendant

Cute little charms (pair)

Beads and leaf charm set

Pastel beads

Bright beads

Happy Shopping!

Check out the other artists giveaways and sales below! 

13 November 2012

Artisan Whimsy - Brit Team Design Challenge - Liverpool

We had a little challenge over at Artisan Whimsy last month and today is results day! 

I'm from Liverpool...land of The Beatles, the River Mersey, our famous shipping port and of course, our awful weather! 

The Liverpool Skyline Under A Cloud

One of my favourite places in Liverpool is Sefton Park. It's one of the biggest public park's in Europe and was designed in the 1800's. It's over 233 acres in size, and I know every inch of it like the back of my hand. 
I grew up with my bedroom over looking the park, I went there every day and it holds a lot of special memories for me, especially memories of my Grandad. 

The Fairy Glen - Sefton Park

Above is a place called "The Fairy Glen" deep within Sefton Park...it has a small stream where swans idle about, a beautiful cast iron bridge, a waterfall, stepping stones and beautiful greenery. Above is my daughter sitting in the tree on our last outing to the park. 
The park also has a massive "Palm House", a huge boating lake, many ornate victorian statues and fountains and is lined around the edges by beautiful old Victorian and Edwardian houses. 

The Boating Lake - Sefton Park

The Palm House - Sefton Park

I made two pieces for this challenge...one based on Sefton Park which, due to overtime at work, I've yet to photograph, and one based on Liverpool's cloudy weather! Although there may be blue skies in the pics above, 95% of the time we have grey clouds and lots of rain! This suits me fine as it's my favourite kind of weather...I adore the rain and thunder storms. 

I'll add my pics of my 1st piece here once I've photographed it. 
My second piece was inspired by the grey rain clouds and our fabulous pink sunsets. 

I've been into knotting in big way lately, so combined some pink Irish waxed linen cording with some of my ceramic beads, one of my ceramic cloud pendants, little pink and grey toho and a fine silver toggle handmade by me. 

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