28 April 2011

My First Etsy Sale

So I made my first Etsy sale yesterday! I received a custom order for some polymer clay beads...very similar to what I already had listed but a larger size and hollow. The lady is from New Mexico!
It blows my mind that someone on the other side of the world will be using my beads in their jewellery!! I can't wait to see what she makes with them, how exciting!!

Been a busy bee this week as I received my large order of alcohol ink and have been playing with them. Also made some connectors, some purple beads and tiles and a few other bits I shall blog about once I take some photographs.


  1. Congrats on your first sale! That is a momentous occasion. May this be the first of many more to come. Enjoy the day!

  2. Thank you! Didn't expect it so quickly but I'm certainly not complaining :)

  3. Congratulations...make you sell many more.