7 June 2012

Birthday Blues & Stresses

Feeling stressed this week. Sick of the house being a mess, the cats are driving me nuts (I have five!), the teenage daughter is full of attitude and I never seem to have one quiet minute from the time I get up until I go to bed!  

To top it all off I'm 35 in 10 days. Yep, 10 days left of being 34 and I'm not amused! I don't want to get old! It's bad enough having to dye my hair to hide the grey coming through but now I'm going to be subjected to wrinkles and all the other things that 35+ brings!

One good thing is I'm having a sale, 25% off until Gemini runs out at the end of June (21st I believe).  For 25% off in my shop use the code GEMINI25. Lots of new listings available as of yesterday. 

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  1. Gorgeous beads!

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