29 July 2012

Very Thankful

I've had a busy time these last few weeks getting ready for a craft show. I've not had much time for anything besides making beads, making jewellery...fitting in my uni essay etc. So housework and family have had to take a back seat. Now the fair is over (very much enjoyed my first one!) I look around and my house is such a mess!!  That will be remedied this week! I'm going to try and spend some more time with my wonderful daughter and my very patient man!

This time last year I was not long out of a very bad relationship which damaged my confidence quite a lot, I was lacking direction, didn't have an ambition for the future, was a bit skint, no car, and just generally floating along not knowing what to do with myself.  Getting out of that relationship was the best thing I ever did.  I hold no ill will towards him, I believe things happen for a reason and maybe that happened to show me my worth.

I won't stick around and let anyone treat me badly again. That was my lesson.

After 8 years of stagnating I'm finally getting my shit together.  I'm working as a counsellor for a great childrens charity, I'm in my first year of University studying Criminology & Psychology, my relationship with my daughter is amazing, I have a new man who is just fab and makes me laugh so much and makes me feel loved. I have a lovely car, my beading/jewellery work is going well and I've just bought a kiln! I'm taking myself into the world of ceramic beads and little sculptures! Can't wait! So I'm very thankful for all that I have and I'm looking forward to the future!

My daughter is 15 now, she makes me so proud. She's not perfect (her bedroom is testament to that!) but who is!?  She has the craziest sense of humour, makes me laugh so much! She's caring, kind hearted, sensitive, beautiful and even though she has difficulties in finding herself (teenage years are so hard!) sometimes, she's open to opinion and takes what I say on board. We have a really open relationship, she tells me things I would never have dreamed to tell my mother...but that is good. For whilst she's open and honest with me I can trust her and guide her to keep her safe and happy.

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