12 January 2013

Before Beads...

Nude 1

Before I found my "calling" and became a bead addict I used to be an "artist". I say used to be, as I rarely draw anymore.  Sometimes I get the urge and come up with something new...perhaps so my drawing hand doesn't rust up from lack of use. 

I specialise mostly in portraits but have always been a great fan of still life...especially nudes.  When I studied art at school we would go and draw naked folk. It was a novelty at the time...you're 16-18 years old in a class full of your friends and there's an old naked guy sitting in the middle of the class, humming to himself, without a care in the world, pretty funny to those juvenile eyes. Now I'm older and a lot more "sensible" (or so I like to believe), I'd kill for that opportunity again...

For me, the most interesting bodies to draw are the "imperfect" ones...perhaps some wrinkles or a pair of droopy boobs, someone who is overweight or has a big nose...something that little bit different...the things society perceive to be "flaws". 

Of course I have no access to naked people at the moment (my boyfriend outright refused to pose!), so I'm working from photographs. I promised myself to draw more this year and so my first "nude" was not so imperfect, starting off slowly...although backs are pretty hard to capture and I hate feet...hence the unfinished bit. 

Worked from a photograph by Amphisbaina @ DeviantArt. 

Pastel & Charcoal

You can see more of my drawings HERE


  1. Natalie, this is lovely! I hope you continue to do more drawing--I'd really enjoy seeing more of your work. : )

  2. Do keep drawing, although I'm a big fan of your beads..maybe see if you can do small drawings and make them into transfers that you can apply to ceramic pendants. Love the bowie pic in your flicker.