10 January 2013

Focus On Life - Week One

Week 1 - Self Portrait

Catching up as I joined the party late...of course I did, completely disorganised, as usual! 

I've had a pretty hectic week and am completely behind on everything! We've had a series of power cuts over the last fortnight due to a substation blowing up in the next street. Firing a kiln and power cuts do not go hand in hand, therefore all my listings are going to be up about a week later than planned! On top of that I've been working overtime and preparing for my next module at Uni starting very soon. 

The New Years diet lasted approx 1 day before I gave in to cheese with caramalised onions in it, yummm! Trying to get back on track now but it's so hard. I tend to be an evening grazer, too busy during the day to prepare anything but coffee and then once everything is done and I can park my behind on the sofa with my man, grazing commences.  It's a bad habit and one I'm trying to break. I really need something to do with my hands though, so I find it very difficult to just "sit" and do nothing. 

I'm really looking forward to blogging more. That is the main reason I've joined in with Sally's "Focus On Life". I find it difficult knowing what to blog about and so having a little task presented to me each week from Sally will hopefully be great inspiration! 

You can join in yourself with "Focus On Life" at any stage throughout the year. Just email Sally on her blog (linked to above) to join in! :)


  1. Natalie, I love your self portrait! Edgy with the perfect amount of softness! Beautiful!!

  2. Beautiful portrait, very ethereal. Glad you joined in!