12 March 2011


Had a bit of a mishmash of a day. Started out planning to try out my new texture hammer on some sheet metal and ended up making earwires, antiquing some brass wire and taking photos. Not the day I had in mind but kinda productive.

Was a little nervous to antique the brass...the instructions that come with the antiquing solution made it sound like something out of a science lab...a bit intimidating but I just mixed a little of the solution in with some water and the brass and copper antiqued almost immediately...easy and a relief!

Anyway, I like the earwires I made, they're quite cute and I made some tiny weeny ones for a little girls earrings...awww!

Set up my little light tent and got my gorilla pod and flashes out to try my hand at taking some half decent pictures. Having a fine time with the camera and all it's multitudes of settings...it's hard finding the right balance for enough light. Will have to try sunlight more often, might be a little easier.

Have attached a few pics from my last few days of makes that I haven't blogged. I finished off my stamped beads with acrylics in white and brown. I love the white ones in actual life but they don't look too good on camera...the brown and aqua however, love! Am farting hearts over those! Love my leafy focal too...wrapped it with brass wire but not sure what to do with it yet. Also made some new canes for some spring/summer beads, they'll look cute on some rounds and lentils with co-ordinating spacers.