2 March 2011

My First Post!

After faffing around for a long, long time...I finally decided to get a little more organised with regards to my jewellery, bead and component making.

I started off making a very simple pair of earrings with some beadalon thread and some seed beads. They turned out well enough but were just the same as a lot of earrings on the likes of Ebay, cheap and unoriginal. BUT I found a love for beads! I adore them, can't get enough of them and quite frequently refuse to part with ones I fall in love with!

I've gone through phases of loving gemstones, lampwork, polymer but I've settled with Czech glass...I love it! Especially the picasso finishes...divine!

So I love to use beads as accents in my work but my main areas of focus lie with making my own beads and pendants out of polymer clay and I have also recently starting metal forging, soldering, using patinas. I love base metals and work predominantly with brass and copper.
Whilst sterling is beautiful, it's expensive, plus I really love the rustic and primitive feel that you get from brass and copper, they're more earthy and natural looking.

My work is kinda all over the place at the moment. I'm interested in so many media types and techniques...I think I get bored easily and so I'm probably spreading my interests too wide instead of concentrating on becoming great at one thing.

At the moment it's polymer, metal forging, metal stamping and then jewellery making in general.

I LOVE rustic looking pieces...stuff that looks a bit dirty, or as us English folk would say; a bit "grubby"...hence my name "Grubbi".
Patina is a fabulous way of aging metal...and the mixture of polymer clay, acrylic paints and patina'd metal...ooo to die for!
I love working my components, jewellery and beads around nature...leaves, flowers, animals. Sometimes I go a bit nuts with colour, sometimes very subtle hues, sometimes quite mainstream, sometimes a bit girly...I'm a gemini, what can I say!

Anyway...I hope to gain some followers and find some like minded folks to follow, hopefully I'll update soon with my next project.

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