5 March 2011

New Beads!

Messed around with some polymer yesterday and did some colour mixing. Made a few beads I'm pretty happy with and then finished them off today along with some others I had lying around, waiting to be sanded.

I used to hate sanding beads with a passion but don't find it too bad any more. I get myself comfy at my desk, throw on some music (normally something quite upbeat to bop to) and then get my sanding set up ready. Just some sanding pads, a bowl of warm water and a towel and we're away...Ooo coffee, forgot coffee, mustn't forget coffee!!

I had quite the pile today but worked through them listening to Rihanna's "LOUD" album. Have just finished varnishing the last of them and they're drying on my make shift bead rack as I type.

Will take some better piccys tomorrow but you get the idea from the ones I've posted now.
I'm getting quite the collection of beads now, will have to actually put them into pieces of jewellery next!

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  1. Congratulations on your new blog! I look forward to following the adventures of Grubbi! LOL I hope you can stay out of mischief ... NOT!