26 June 2011

Art Bead Scene Blog: Muffin Tin Challenge By Grubbi

Here are my finished pieces!

Now in a bit more detail...

Piece 1

Memory wire bracelet featuring:
 labradorite chips
 galvanised toho seed in 6/0 & 11/0
 8mm & 10mm Czech firepolish
White handmade lampwork spacers by Rob Johnson
Silver plate beads
Black czech beads.

Piece 2

Vintaj brass wire
Brass chain
Ceramic focal from Captured Moments
Handmade lampwork by Rob Johnson
Czech firepolish, cathedral & melon beads
Ceramic bead by Gaea
 Pearlized toho seed
Brass beads
Brass magnetic clasp. 

Piece 3

Pink & Gold faceted polymer beads by me
"Live" stamped word bead by me
Czech glass in pinks
Toho seed
 Brass beads
Brass clasp by me

Piece 4

Faceted polymer bead by me
Polymer rose bead by me
Swarovski crystals
Ceramic beads in pink, yellow and butterflies 
Blue wooden heishi beads
Toho seed
Gunmetal wire
Lobster clasp

Piece 5 

Ceramic cuff by Captured Moments
 Gunmetal wire
Porcelain beads
Czech picasso glass beads
Toho seed
Gunmetal beads
Upcycled link for toggle clasp
Wire toggle fashioned by me. 

Piece 6

Polymer focal by me
Verdegris patina brass components
Blue patina brass flower
Brass chain
Blue sari silk
Czech glass rondelles & nuggets
Black polymer bead by me
Gaea ceramic blue bead
Stamped brass plate by me

Piece 7

Brass chain
Loiusa Harding ribbon
Blue polymer bead, purple polymer bead &
black faceted polymer bead by me.
Black & stars Czech glass
Vintaj wire
Czech glass nuggets & firepolish
Paisley polymer focal by me

Piece 8

Red polymer paisley beads by me
Copper chain
Copper beads
Copper lobster clasp
Czech firepolish rondelles


Piece 9

Brass chain
Brass clasp made by me
Metallic Toho seed 6/0
Czech melon beads and metallic firepolish
Loiusa Harding sari ribbon
Vintaj wire
Brass flower beadcap
Focal by Rakumancy

Piece 10

Etched brass paisley by me
Brass beads
Vintaj wire
Metallic Toho
Metallic Czech glass beads
Brass handmade clasp


Piece 11

Etched copper focal by me
Czech glass wheels
Toho seed in 3/0, 8/0 & 6/0
Czech flower bead
Copper clasp handmade by me

Piece 12

Etched brass cuff by me
Czech glass butterfly, leaf & goddess bead
Toho seed 6/0
Brass clasp & links by me

The End



  1. Oh wow you have been busy! Lovely collection. (My fingers ache in sympathy)

  2. Omg, they are ALL fabulous! I'm struggling...on my tenth piece but should be done in time!
    Deb x

  3. Wow! Ypu did some fantastic work! I love your etched pieces.

  4. Thank you, I really had a lot of fun putting them all together :)

  5. You have a lovely style about your work.

  6. Thanks very much, took me a while to find it but think I'm settling now.

  7. These are beautiful! I love all of your handmade components and the addition of fibers! Great work!

  8. OMG!!! What an amazing amount of work! Such Happy Jewelry - you definately have such a bright happy style - these are just lovely! 9& 10 are my favorites : )

  9. Wow - love your colors and style!

  10. Thank you both very much! x

  11. Just loving your use of color! That is a lot of YUM in one place! And that etched paisley. Swoon! I am a paisley loving girl from back in the day (my kids hate it when I say that!)
    Enjoy the day!

  12. Lol, I can imagine the eye rolling if they're anything like my daughter. Thanks for the feedback Erin. Your "Simple Truths" nearly made it into this lot but I decided to take my time with that instead. :)

  13. Great stuff. I'm with Erin on the paisley thing. I've been trying to work up a cane of my own that I'm happy with...I think you might have just inspired me to have another go at it! Everything else is fantastic too! Way to go!

  14. Thank you! The paisley cane was one of the first I made, so not too perfect but good practise. The paisley interest comes from my Mum, who is addicted to anything paisley. I like that they're quite adaptable and very pretty also.

  15. What a great colorful collection. I especially love your copper focal on piece #11. Great work!

  16. Thank you very much! Am so happy with all the feedback, very overwhelming but in a good way! x

  17. LOVERLY!!
    You've got so very much eye candy here. I don't think I could choose what I like the most. But alas, I must comment that your paisley etched focal is to die for. So stinking awesome!

  18. way to go on completing this challenge. Gorgeous pieces - every single one!!

  19. (still working on checking out everyone's work on this awesome challenge!)

    Oh, heavens, all that paisley in one place! I *love* it all! What an inspiring piece of work this whole challenge gave you :)