29 June 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

A few clay experiments today. I find playing around with clay quite therapeutic, which is what I need today. Have a few bits on my mind and a house full of workmen fitting new double glazing to the back of my house.
So much noise!

Today I am very thankful for wonderful friends and am looking forward to moving on with my life, wherever that may take me.

Anyway...the beads!

I bought some fab mica powders so wanted to play with them.  I also used up a few bits of scrap clay that I had lying around.

Did some large textured focals and a few other bits and bobs...namely some bracelet cuffs.  Not sure how they're gonna turn out, everything is raw clay and unfinished and unsanded at the mo as I can't get to my kitchen for curing until the workmen piddle off!

1 comment:

  1. Those are lovely pieces! They look almost like raku! I hope it was a very therapeutic day for you- I painted... it was wonderful!