28 June 2011

Art Bead Scene June Challenge - Ophelia

I really loved this months piece of art. Ophelia by Odilon Redon is a wonderful summarisation of the fate of Ophelia. You can feel the sorrow eminating from the art work amongst the wonderful splashes of colour. 
When I first saw it I immediately read up on the story of Hamlet.  I read it once when I was younger in school but could only remember bits so I wanted to have some snippets fresh in my mind for creating the necklace. 

I sometimes have to force myself away from bracelets. They're my favourite thing to make but I knew I wanted to include a phrase from the play and stamp it into the metal...that called for a necklace.

"Some precious instance of itself" are my favourite words from the play. They are so poetical and meaningful. 

“Nature is fine in love, and where 't is fine, It sends some precious instance of itself After the thing it loves.” ~ William Shakespeare

So, the finished piece!

And some detail for you...

It started to rain as I was taking the pictures.  I love how the water droplets look on the brass plate so I didn't wipe it dry. 

Polymer focal by me
Vintaj brass wire
Blue "pond" Czech rondelles
Patinated verdegris brass flourishes
Teeny green and blue czech rondelles
Toho seed
Black polymer bead by me
Large yellow Czech nuggets
Blue patinated brass flower
Brass chain
Brass plate cut and stamped by me
Blue sari silk
Blue ceramic bead by Gaea
Brass clasp & large jump rings by me


  1. This is stunning and you are absolutly right about the teardrops:-)

  2. Love it all! The phrase is an especially nice touch. Awesome work.

  3. I love to do bracelets best too, friend. If I could do necklaces this beautiful, I would make them instead. Beautiful work!

  4. Thank you for the feedback! :)